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Green Tea Rice With Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are the least fatty and rich in protein in chicken, green tea has an anti-cancer effect, and is a healthy food for the family. A dish that is a good choice for women to lose weight. Tasty chicken breast with a tinge of green tea fragrance makes it a unique combination of flavors.



Brown rice –  2 cups, green tea leaves – 3 grams, green tea powder – 10 grams, chicken breast – 4, olive oil a little,
A little salt, a little pepper, 5 grams of celery, little lime, rosemary little

Step 1
Brown rice, green tea powder, green tea leaves into the liner, add water to Health Xuan Mi water standard 2.

Step 2
Choose healthy brown rice pattern Press the pressure to cook/cook quickly button.

Step 3
Chicken breast with salt, pepper after pickling for about 1 hour. Do not put the pan into the fried roast, cut into thin slices

Step 4
Insulation pattern after brown rice and chicken breast. Into the plate, lime and lost after shredding making salad.