Type IH Pressure Rice Cooker
Capacity 10 servings
Size 413(W)*300(D)*285(H)(mm)
Voltage AC 220V / 50Hz


  • Black diamond coating
  • Thermal Spraying inner pot with Stainless
  • Color FND
  • Light touch double washing function (Light touch separation type cover +¬†Automatic sterilization washing)
  • Smart touch button
  • 29 minutes of fast cooking for mixed grains
  • Low power consumption keep warm mode
  • Energy saving mode
  • Voice guide (English, Cantonese, Putonghua)
  • Triple smart warming sensor
  • 19 types of safety equipment
  • Steam warming
  • Plain rice/Plain rice fast cook/Mixed grains/Mixed grains fast cook/Brown rice/GABA/Pure barley rice/Hard cooked rice/steam cook/Slow steam cook